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The Green Parking Council and Green Garage Certification are now part of the Green Business Certification, Inc family.

Green Garage Certification is now Parksmart.

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UN Paris Climate Conference on Transport

The United Nations Paris Climate Change Conference / COP 21 argued that, absent a change in course, greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector are expected to double by 2050. Quick and effective measures to curb emissions in the sector are possible, they explained, and can save money for governments, companies and individuals, along with providing health benefits by reducing pollution.

GBCI to Administer Green Garage Certification Program

“Through collaborative, integrated and innovative green parking practices, we can advance sustainable mobility,” celebrates GBCI & USGBC’s Mahesh Ramanujam. “This will enable our parking structures to achieve increased energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, improved parking space management, integrated mobility solutions and technologies, enhanced performance…

CA Green Building Code + Green Garage Certification = Happy Marriage

As a Green Garage Assessor managing the certification for Stanford University’s Roble Field Parking Structure, I was pleased to discover that the Bronze or Silver Level Certification is attainable without adding additional costs to the project. While most other states are still catching up with this level of sustainability required in the code, the Green Garage Certification process is consistent with sustainable parking best practices.

What is Shared Parking?

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) explains how shared parking can reduce parking requirements by 20-40%, unlock the potential for higher development densities around transit, and act as a control mechanism against urban sprawl, creating positive economic, social and environmental benefits.

A Manifesto: The Future of Parking Lots

Parking lots today are content to have the sun bake their asphalt, and to drain polluted water into the local stream or bay. And customers are happy for the parking, oblivious of the waste of solar energy and sun-distilled water coming down as rain. To them parking is an ugly but useful Cinderella.